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Welcome to St Cecilia's RC High School

Dear families and friends of St Cecilia’s 

At St Cecilia’s, our vision is unified and shared. We are a caring Catholic school with high standards and expectations for all our pupils, rooted in the Gospel values that we model and build our lives upon.   We believe all of our pupils have the potential to discover, develop and rejoice in their God given talents and abilities, whilst answering to their faith as individuals, and actively responding to God’s call to work towards a common good.  We promote forgiveness and encourage resilience, ensuring pupils do not give up and persist in the face of setbacks when they occur. 
Our curriculum promotes a broad range of knowledge and skills, allowing each child to discover and pursue their own interests and passions.  It equips pupils with the skills and knowledge needed for them to understand, interpret, and flourish in the world in which they live; this goes beyond exam success.  The curriculum is ambitious for all within our school community, including those with SEND; every pupil has access to the same essential knowledge, yet as skilled teachers we adapt our teaching, scaffolding and respond effectively to the needs of all our pupils.
Our school is a happy and safe place where pupils thrive.  Pupils are proud to be part of our community and the community are proud of St Cecilia’s. Wellbeing is at the forefront of all we do. Staff feel valued and supported and enjoy their job with workload always being reviewed and monitored.     

We are restless and always looking to improve, but we are not driven by ‘fads’. Staff are supported to progress professionally through a comprehensive CPD programme that is founded in research. We continuously strive to provide the highest standards in everything we do.  We provide a positive learning environment that enables pupils to learn and teachers to do their job well, through a robust and well implemented behaviour recovery system. 

Reading is a key priority for the school.  In addition to whole school diagnostic testing which supports bespoke intervention for struggling readers, lessons prioritise reading opportunity as well as being designed into specific tasks that allow it to be manipulated and scrutinised, often at the vocabulary written or oracy level. 
We promote and sustain intellectual curiosity, an enthusiasm for learning from others, for both staff and pupils. We are a great school that do ordinary things extraordinarily well.  Honesty is key to our community; we will always admit where there are weaknesses, promote trust and phronesis at all levels. This is what drives us forward in our pursuit of sustained academic excellence and in the formation of our pupils.  
Mrs Hall


We believe that:

As individuals, we all come with God-given talents to discover, develop, and rejoice. It is our responsibility to make sure we support the growth of our own talents and gifts, along with those of each other.


We celebrate God in all we do, say, think and achieve, as we strive to succeed.


When things go wrong, God's love will help us support each other to start again.

We should never give up but should persist in the face of setbacks.


We all serve and build our community by showing respect for ourselves, respect for each other and respect for the world.


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