Whole School Approach to Disciplinary Literacy

We aim to deliver a curriculum where units of work incorporate opportunities identified for the disciplinary development of literacy, such as:   

  • Guided reading tasks given the time and care they deserve within the curriculum. Each department uses Reciprocal Reading which is a structured approach to teaching strategies that students can use to improve their reading comprehension. They include a vocabulary focus, predicting, questioning, summarising, clarifying and a personal response. They also provide opportunities for oracy.

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  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 Vocabulary is identified for each lesson (and explicitly developed)
  • Monday morphemes – pupils at KS3 learn a new morpheme each week (as identified by curriculum leaders as core to their subject) and given the chance to explore. Retrieval tasks are also built into this, giving pupils a chance to connect and revisit words they have already seen.


  • Etymology is incorporated into vocabulary instruction to enable students to better understand complex academic vocabulary.
  • School membership of the National Literacy Trust providing resources, strategies for all staff.