Saint Cecilia- Patron Saint of Music

Feast Day: 22nd November

St Cecilia lived in Rome around the 3rd Century. Her parents were rich and important people, and they hoped that Cecilia would one day also marry a rich man. Cecilia wasn’t interested in that idea at all, as she had a secret. She was a Christian! At that time Christians were suffering. Cecilia spent her life helping the poor and looking after those in need. She refused to denounce her faith and was martyred on 22nd November in 230AD. She is the perfect example of courage and selflessness, and we are proud to have her as our Patron Saint.

On Monday 22nd November we celebrated the feast day of St Cecilia. It was a fantastic day for everyone in our school community. Thank you to Father Dutton for delivering a mass for us on this special day. Pupils were involved in various activities during the day and ended with a music quiz to celebrate St Cecilia’s love of music:

Cecilia was also known for her musical gift, and we try to honour that every week when we sing our school hymn in assembly: