You will find detail of our school uniform below. Our pupils are proud of their school uniform and its value within our school community.  Our pupil council have fed back to our Senior Leadership Team that our high uniform standard makes pupils feel more a part of the school, proud to show Longridge who they are, relieved at not having to be someone they are not and delighted that we have eliminated ‘peer pressure’ to be the latest version of what is currently popular, ‘who can afford what’ and who is deemed ‘popular enough to break rules’.  We see this positivity transcend uniform and enhance wellbeing and equality every day within our school community.

Pre-Loved Uniform 

We are living in challenging times and are aware that for some families, the cost of uniform can become a potential barrier to education.  Thanks to the kind donations of our community, we have built up a small stock of pre-loved, almost new uniform for all the areas below, including PE kit and winter coats.  We, of course, are most grateful for these donations to school.  Should you feel that you may benefit here, you should contact Mr Nelson, Deputy Headteacher, and he will arrange for us to discretely offer support wherever we can.
From September 2023, we will have reviewed our current uniform policy ensuring there are optional choices for PE kit to avoid higher costs of branded items. We also use three suppliers for you to choose from to allow more flexibility on cost.

Loved Before Uniform Store

Thank you to all of our parents and carers who continue to donate uniform one these items have been grown out of, and particularly to our Y11s who have already donated many items ahead of them moving onto their new ventures.  Please continue to support other families by sending any spare items our way, dropping them in reception or with a form teacher.  We will take everything you no longer need, including PE kit and shoes.  Thank you so much for your support.

Uniform List 

•    Black Blazer with the school badge
Blazers are to be always worn unless pupils are given permission by a teacher.  Blazer cuffs are not to be rolled or folded over.

•    Red jumper with the school badge (optional)      


•    White shirt      
Shirts must be tucked into the waistband of skirts and trousers.  The shirt top button must be always fastened.

•    Long black tailored trousers
Trousers must be loose-fitting, not hugging the skin in any way and always worn with plain dark socks

•    Knee length school skirt
Skirt length must be resting at the knee.  Please allow room for growing. Please see the illustration below as an example.  The skirt must be stitched down knife-pleat waist band skirt worn 

•    Socks
Black socks that cover the ankle are to be worn with trousers.  White socks that cover the ankle or opaque black tights are to be worn with skirts.  No trainer socks or patterned socks are permitted.

•    Tie      
Key Stage 3- red with a black/white stripe      
Key Stage 4- black with a red/white stripe      
Prefects- plain black with the school badge (awarded by school)      
Ties should show 7 stripes 

•    School Shoes
Plain black shoes and only black laces (if laces are worn). Boots or shoes raised at the ankle, or with additional colour stripes, patches, studs, large buckles or tassels are not allowed. Shoes should have black soles only. Trainer type soles are not allowed and please be aware that some shoes sold as school shoes may not be compliant with our guidelines especially if they have a trainer type sole. 

•    Black belt (optional)      
Black leather or synthetic leather with a single metal buckle.

•    Plain winter coat (optional).  Hooded tops and sports jackets/tracksuits are not permitted.


PE Kit  

Compulsory items;      
•    Red dri-fit t-shirt or racer-back dri-fit t-shirt with the school badge      
•    Full zip or quarter zip training top with the school badge      
•    Black football shorts or skort with the school badge      
•    Red football socks      
Optional items;      
•    Plain black training pants (no branding)       
•    Black leggings with the school name down the left calf    
•    Gilbert black/red netball dress      
•    Plain black sports socks to wear with leggings or training pants (no branding)    


Uniform Suppliers

Mary Francis, Longridge
Bang Bang, Preston
Top One, Preston