Rewards at St. Cecilia’s

We are incredibly proud of our pupils and look for every opportunity to both praise and reward them.  The school uses the following rewards so that pupils see the value of good behaviour and therefore learn from their experience:

  • Verbal Praise: Every opportunity is given to congratulate pupils on their effort/behaviour.


  •  Achievement points: These can be awarded in the classroom, when displaying motivation, self-discipline or a reflective nature as well as for displaying any virtue that we are always growing to live for the greater glory of God and the common good; by being eloquent, truthful, learned, wise, compassionate, loving, faith filled, hopeful, intentional, prophetic, attentive, discerning, curious, active, grateful or generous. These achievements will always be communicated to you over Edulink.


  • Reward Trips and Events: Allocated to the top achievement point earners in each group (one per term).


  • Assemblies: These are used to praise pupils, recognise good effort and celebrate achievement when appropriate. Year groups have a rewards assembly at the end of each term.


  • Letters, praise postcards and telephone calls home: Personal contact can be made on a departmental basis and reported to the Head of Year to recognise high standards of effort and/or achievement and/or improvement. All of these can be communicated to parents via Edulink


  • Work Displays: Every opportunity is taken to display work, both within the classrooms, and on notice boards around the school.


  • Referral to Senior Staff: when a child has worked with a high standard of effort and/or achievement, or that pupil has performed well during monitoring the pupil can be referred to Curriculum Leaders, Head of Year, Senior Leadership and the Headteacher for special praise.


  • The headteacher special awards are for pupils who throughout the year have had the top percentages in achievement points, attributes for learning grades and attendance. Of the top 5 students in the school the students received a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and the other winners received Amazon gift vouchers totaling £25 each.