Your school day begins at 8.45am and ends at 3.15pm. You will have 5 lessons every day. If you get to school early there is a breakfast club that begins at 8.25am where you can buy your breakfast and chat to your friends before your school day starts. After school there are lots of activities that you can enjoy. Activities like choir, band, football, netball and you can always catch up on any homework you have. This table shows you how the school day looks.

8.45am – 9.10am Registration 25 mins
9.10am – 10.10am Period 1 60 mins
10.10am – 11.10am Period 2 60 mins
11.10am – 11.25am Break 15 mins
11.25am – 12.25pm Period 3 60 mins
12.25pm-1.25pm Period 4 60 mins
1.25pm – 2.15pm Lunch 50 mins
2.15pm – 3.15pm Period 5 60 mins
3.15pm End of the day 6 hours 30 mins


Total number of school hours = 32.5 hours per week