School Transition

Welcome to St Cecilia's - Your new family

Transition is an exciting but daunting time for everyone moving up to secondary school. It is our mission here at St Cecilia’s to make this transition as seamless as possible, removing many of the natural worries and anxieties that pupils may feel. With this in mind we do everything we can to ensure every child feels welcome and part of our Catholic family from the beginning. Our transition programme covers pupils from Year 4 onwards, establishing and nurturing positive relationships through curriculum link and annual primary events. Some events include Year 4-6 Cross Country, Year 5 Next Steps Day, and Year 6 Transition Day.

On Year 6 Transition Day pupils will arrive at the main entrance and will be directed to the school hall. The day includes a sample of lessons such as learning about other faiths, science experiments, making cakes, sport activities, and more. See below highlights from our most current pupil visits.

We also have a welcome evening for parents and pupils. This offers them the opportunity to meet their form tutor and tutor group. During this time pupils will receive a transition pack, which includes a reading book, as well as activities to complete during the summer holidays.

Message from Mr R Duffy (Head of Year 7) to parents

I’m Mr Duffy and Head of Year 7. It’s a pleasure to meet you all and I am looking forward to working with you during the next academic year and beyond. I have been at St Cecilia’s for 10 years and witnessed the positive transformation of a growing school and local community. Despite the challenges of a growing school, we have never lost our identity as a small community with strong family values. As mentioned previously we really are a family here at St Cecilia’s so I want to let you know we will do our best to support your child with the transition to secondary and help them make the necessary adjustments.

FAQs for pupils

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Helpful advice from our current year 7 pupils

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Important information

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