Literacy Approach for Struggling Readers


Each pupil is assessed using NGRT (New Group Reading Test) which provides the reading ability of each pupil and identifies any reading gaps the students have. This information is shared with staff to ensure they know how to support their students.

Lexonic Leap

The data is carefully analysed and those who are not reading accurately are selected for the Lexonic Leap programme. This programme resolves phonics gaps for students. It is an intensive, personalised intervention delivered to small groups three times per week by two trained Teaching Assistants.

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Students who are not reading automatically are selected for our Lexonix Advance programme. This is delivered until automaticity is reached improving reading accuracy and fluency.  It is delivered by a trained member of staff to small groups of 4 in six one-hour sessions

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Additional literacy support is delivered to a small group of year 7 and 8 students in a dedicated literacy intervention lesson.


IDL computer-based literacy intervention (for all year groups) supporting learners with dyslexia and other learning difficulties to increase their reading and spelling ages.


Coram Beanstalk

Coram Beanstalk Reading mentor programme – trained mentors from Years 9,10 and 11 are working with students from Year 7 to improve their reading skills, attitude towards reading and reading confidence.

Literacy Ambassadors

In addition to promoting the joy of reading, our Y11 literacy ambassadors enjoy paired reading alongside Teaching Assistants with some of our less confident school readers.

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