It is incredibly important to us that we are continually evaluating the impact of our careers programme.  We do this in situ throughout the year but also ensure that the careers leader is able to meet with the senior leadership team and governors to summatively assess and measure the impact of the previous priorities and programme.  To aid us with this we consider lots of evidence including our gatsby benchmark status, destinations data, intended destinations of year 11 and stakeholder feedback.  From here, each year we are able to prioritise areas of need or improvement regarding our provision. 

Gatsby benchmark status

Compass is the careers benchmark tool for all secondary schools and 6th Forms in England
This evaluation tool helps us to gain a greater understanding of how our school’s provision of career education and guidance compares to the model of good practice set out in the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Good Career Guidance Benchmarks, in comparison to the national picture.

Parental Feedback 

Information will appear here once data is gathered

Pupil Feedback 

Pupil Quotes

Trip To The Etihad Stadium 

“I really enjoyed the trip to Manchester City in particular spending time in the first team dressing room and the media reporting”

“I really enjoyed the Man City trip especially the interviews and the opportunities to play the role of a journalist”

“The trip to Man City was a great experience, it was entertaining and knowledgeable also. There was lots of information that will help me with my GCSE especially the directors boxes and day in the life of footballer”

Future U pillars of growth

"I liked today I thought it was fun building the hydrogen car the other activities were also 
I enjoyed it, the activities were good, and everyone joined in and everyone around seemed to like it. 

“There was a good balance of activities and being spoken to by the other leader. It was fun”

“I liked today and would do it again. It was informative and showed us about the future with many different activities that I enjoyed. I like these days where we can go out of our normal academic lessons and do some more practical, teamwork lessons/days”

Future U School Activity 2023-23

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BAE Events Day

"Given us an idea of what a career in BAE would potentially be like. Each workshop provided details on the multiple career paths and opportunities available working at BAE, as well as what we would be doing if we were to choose this path"

Trip to Old Trafford

"Great experience visiting everything. Enjoyed seeing the insides of the theatre of dreams once in a lifetime experience. Best team and stadium in the world."

"I really enjoyed the MUFC trip, I thought I'd never get the opportunity to do this, I really appreciate it."

National Careers Week

"I worked at Barnare Road Primary school for my apprenticeship over the period of a week. Working there was a great experience for me as it allowed me to see what a workplace is and be able to have some semblance of a career at the apprenticeship. As a secondary teacher I was expected and needed to be self sufficient around the class, especially in reception. My work consisted of being able to supervise and handle the children's activities (arts and craft, reading, writing) as well of maintaining the classroom areas they worked and played in. I was very fortunate having an opportunity like this allowing me to work and learn key skills. Although difficult at the beginning by the end I felt sorry I couldn't remain there longer."

"From the careers week I have learned some things that I didn't know about art, like what jobs it can lead to and what skills can be used in it. I have also learned things about pe like the skills needed and what jobs you can get from it."

Year 8 Retreat Day

"Today was informational in a fun way, I learnt a lot about the importance of saving and investing and also budgeting and how to manage my money properly and about how to be financially literate. I learnt so much about all the different taxes you get charged and to always put the necessities before the wants, and to always save up for unforeseen expenses. The financial/ math's day was so interesting and informative about money and how we should spend it wisely and how to avoid debt, how to be financially literate and why we should also invest some of our money with some information about different ways to invest. Learning about money is so important because today I learned stuff new to me and discovered different taxes and payments you get given or taken from your salary, I learned that saving earlier in our lives is much better than later."