Frequently asked questions for pupils starting at Saint Cecilia’s

1.    Who is here to help me at school?

Message From Head Of Year 7 - Mr Duffy


2.    What could I get detention for?

3.    How can I earn achievement points?
These can be awarded in the classroom, when displaying motivation, self-discipline, or a reflective nature as well as for displaying any virtue that we are always growing to live for the greater glory of God and the common good; by being eloquent, truthful, learned, wise, compassionate, loving, faith filled, hopeful, intentional, prophetic, attentive, discerning, curious, active, grateful or generous. These achievements will always be communicated to you over Edulink.


4.    Can I wear trainers for school?
No.... Please see below:


5.    What trips are there I can go on?
In year 7 we go to Manor Adventure. This usually takes places during February half term. It is in Shropshire, and you get to do climbing, abseiling, archery, team building and many other activities. As you progress through school you will also have the opportunity to go on international trips and have retreat opportunities such as Castlerigg, in the Lake District.


6.    Can I bring my mobile to school? 
You are permitted to bring a mobile phone with you to school, but it must be always switched off. Most pupils only bring a phone if they have a bus pass on their app or if they need to contact home once the school day has finished and you have left the school premises.


7.    What extra-curricular clubs are there? 
Co-Curricular Opportunity | St Cecilia's RC High School (


8.    Who are the pupil ambassadors and what do they do?
Pupil Leadership and Ambassadors | St Cecilia's RC High School (


9. Who are the Safeguarding Team? 

10. Who are Doug and Dennis? 
Doug and Dennis are our 2 school therapy dogs. They are really friendly and are looking forward to meeting you:

11. How do I get the bus to school?