St Edmund Arrowsmith

St Margaret Clitherow St John Plessington St John Southworth

"Let my death be an encouragement  to your going forward in the Catholic religion

"No, no. Mr Sheriff. I die for the love of my Lord Jesus." "... and I had rather die than doubt of any point of faith." "The sum of the only true Christian profession is to die."


Our House Saints are really important to us. Each represents an individual who lived a life of humility, serving others until their death. At St Cecilia's each pupil is assigned to a House, each representing one of the four House Saints above. On the first day of the academic year each year 7 pupil learns about the House Saint they have been assigned. Pupils are informed about the life of their House Saint and discuss what they can learn from them, and how it might apply to their own lives. They also complete a worksheet which incorporates Saint Cecilia, their House Saint, our school mission statement, and our school badge. During the school year each form group will present an assembly about their House Saint to the rest of the year group. This allows all pupils and staff to learn about each Saint and is linked to a specific virtue such as courage, humility, charity and others. Pupils take pride in belonging to their House and there are Inter-House events throughout the year. You can learn more abut our House Saints by clicking on their names.