Euro 2024 Artwork

Over the last week students have been drawing their own ‘panini cheapskate’ versions of this year’s Euro 2024 stickers. In the spirit of sticker collecting and not knowing what you might get in a packet each student was assigned a player entirely at random from their choice of England Men’s 2024 squad or a player from Dick, Kerr Ladies. Students then had around 40 minutes to complete their stickers – I think we can all agree their efforts are both more fun and more impressive than our performances in the actual Euros…

The display and idea were inspired by Alex and Sian Pritchard – who have been drawing their own versions of each World Cup and Euros sticker collections since 2014. As well as being a great way of saving money on the sticker packs and a whole lot of fun, the duo also sell them to raise money for charity. Some of their best work has been on display in the National Football Museum in Manchester!


Link to find out more about the history of Dick Kerr, Ladies: