The science curriculum at St Cecilias is designed to promote a love for science through interactively imparting knowledge alongside opportunities to investigate scientific phenomena. We provide an enrichening education by going beyond the classroom to highlight how science appears in our society and shapes our world by discovering and developing their own insight. This prepares pupils for their life long learning of science.

Below you will find several documents that allow you to learn more about our curriculum:

Our intent statement outlines the ambition, purpose, and inclusivity of our curriculum. 

Our 5-year plan outlines the coherently planned and sequenced learning journey our pupils will undertake, auditing and then building on what has been learned at KS2, including how substantive and disciplinary knowledge is organised within topics in order to best access both a unit end point and future learning that relies upon this. 

Alongside an emphasis on Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary within the curriculum, our reading document provides examples of how reading is prioritised and how we use the latest research to guide reading and incorporate tasks that manipulate and emphasise meaning within it.

Our assessment document shares how our assessments have been designed to assess composite knowledge (the big picture) and thus provide the greatest opportunity to use teacher feedback to address pupils' gaps in key component understanding, address misconceptions and reteach where necessary. All leading to improvement in learning. 

Finally, look within our school’s Personal Development Overview document for examples of how our subject contributes towards our pupils’ holistic formation.

Science Documents

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Personal Development Programme

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Mrs N Dewhurst Curriculum Leader

Mrs K Wade

Mr S Patel

Mr A Haughey

Miss S Bethwaite - Designated teacher for CLA