Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher Mrs H Hall
Assistant Headteachers Mr G Caulfield, Miss M Shaw
School Business Manager Mrs B Clarke
Teaching Staff (HoD = Department Leaders)
Art Mr S Bignell
Computing Science & ICT Mr K Alpin
English Mr R Baldwin HoD, Mr G Caulfield, Miss A Flynn, Mrs A Bretherton, Miss J O’Malley
Geography Mrs R Gray HoD Mr S Colligan
History Mr A Gregson HoD, Mrs L Canavan
Mathematics Mrs C Cook HoD, Mrs E Buckley, Miss R Livesey & Mr G Hall
Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Miss J Hughes
Music Mrs R Eames Mr G Hall
Physical Education (PE) Miss S Bethwaite HoD, Mr N Taylor, Mr G Hall
Religious Education (RE) Miss R Hall HoD,  Mr R Duffy
Science Ms R Wood HoD, Miss M Shaw, Mrs N Dewhurst, Miss K Bray
Technology Mr P Donoghue, Mrs Y Pickles
Pastoral Team (Year Managers)
Year 7 Mr N Taylor
Year 8 Mr B Morgan
Year 9 Mr B Morgan
Year 10 Miss R Livesey
Year 11 Mr G Hall
Teaching Support ASL Mrs C Livesey, Mrs S White,  Mrs K James, Miss E Rollinson
School Chaplain Mrs A Bretherton
Network Manager\Data Mr S Clough
School Administrator and Exams Officer Mrs K Gavan
School Administrator Mrs H Elwell
Technicians Mrs E Gornall (Science)
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