‘This spirituality of communion, therefore, must be transformed into an attitude of clear evangelical fraternity among those persons who profess charisms in Institutes of consecrated life, in movements or new communities, and in other faithful who operate in the Catholic school. This spirituality of communion holds true for the Catholic school, founded by Religious families, by dioceses, by parishes or by the lay faithful, which today takes into itself the presence of ecclesial movements. In this way, the educational community makes room for the gifts of the Spirit and acknowledges these diversities as wealth. A genuine ecclesial maturity, nourished by the encounter with Christ in the sacraments, will make it possible to develop «whether of the more traditional kind or the newer ecclesial movements […] a vitality that is God’s gift»[23], for the entire scholastic community and for the educational journey itself.’


Our Catholic Spirituality is important at Saint Cecilia’s. In relation to the mission statement we believe that we are all made in the likeness of God and it is our responsibility as a Catholic institution to ensure that each individual’s God-given gifts and talents are developed to the full. Our Spiritual life is presSt_Cecelia_1ent throughout our school community. For example:

  • We have mass every Tuesday morning during form time.
  • Prayers are said in form, before dinner, and at the end of the day.
  • There is a staff prayer group every Thursday morning.
  • There is also a pupil prayer group, which is organised by the Chaplaincy.
  • Teachers make the connection between the Catholic faith and their respective curriculum subjects.
  • Our Catholic faith is visible through the way we treat others with respect in our school community.
  • Our school rules are centred around Gospel values.
  • Religious Education is taught in line with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and is designed so that students have a personal encounter with Christ.
  • Both staff and pupils regularly attend Catholic retreats.
  • As Catholics we are encouraged to help others, and the chaplaincy host numerous fundraising events throughout the academic year.
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