Prayer is an important aspect of our school. We aim to have at least 3 specific times of the day to reflect on our relationship with God and be reminded of our place in the world and the positive changes that we can make. At the start of each day in form all pupils begin with a prayer. This might be pupil led or delivered by the form tutor. Pupils are reminded on the theme of the week, which is set by the Salford Diocese.

Pupils will learn the St Cecilia’s School prayer in year 7, which will be practiced in form time and assemblies:

Pupils will also say Grace before meals to thank God for all we have. In addition, pupils will end the day with a prayer. Each department has its own prayer, which demonstrates how our Catholic ethos is present in everything we do. Here is a sample of some of them below:

[insert slide show of department prayers]

Throughout the academic year staff have para liturgies so they are reminded about the distinctive Catholic nature of the school and are invited to recommit to the life of prayer as food and fuel for our journey with the Lord, and so become missionary disciples. Each para liturgy concludes with a prayer and final rededication of service to the St Cecilia’s community. Our most recent staff para liturgy was in June 2022:

At the end of Year 11 pupils have a leaver’s mass where students, staff, and parents gather to celebrate and remember the memorable times at St Cecilia’s, and to wish our pupils good luck on the next phase of their journey.

As the academic year comes to an end we gather as one family in the school hall to celebrate all that we have achieved. In the past we have also been blessed with the attendance of Bishop John Arnold, as well as some of the local vicars from other Christian denominations in the Longridge area.

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