88% of children placed in ability groups at the age of 4 remain in the same group until they leave school”

Research suggests that ability is not fixed.  It is malleable.  We know that children and adults can get clever.  The more rich and deep knowledge they can learn and more importantly remember in their long-term memory the cleverer they get.

Crystallised intelligence can improve the more you know.  So, from this at St Cecilia’s we believe that children from all starting points, backgrounds and schools have the potential to improve and reach beyond their and our expectations and to flourish beyond school life.   We are focussing on the whole child not just prior attainment which is only a judgment at that particular time in the child’s life.

Recently OFSTED inspectors in Maths called for an official government body to insist all pupils within a year group be taught in mixed groupings as the same concepts, facts and knowledge will be learnt, hence de cluttering the curriculum and teaching at a far deeper level.

In all years’ pupils are grouped in personalised classes using criteria such as gender, different starting points, personalities and various groups such as SEND to ensure all pupils will make the expected progress and beyond with the appropriate scaffolding when required .  Our staff are responsive to the needs of all children of all groups and react appropriately when children show signs of misunderstanding or confusion.

Studies have been conducted across England and Wales to see if mixed groupings have a positive impact on pupils and their progress with startling positive findings.  All our staff have been trained to teach to the top and to have the highest expectations of all children.  Lessons will always be rich in vocabulary that is explicitly developed in deep in knowledge and key concepts in a clutter free curriculum as our whole school intent says.

However, we are also very aware that some of our pupils need that extra support, time and personalised teaching.   Therefore, a nurturing group is used for these pupils.

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