St. Cecilia’s R.C High School Governing Body
Role Name Reason for becoming a Governor Current occupation & interests Terms of office
Chairman of Governors (foundation) Mr M Flynn To support our local Catholic High school, the staff and pupils. Headteacher of a Catholic High School for 22 years before retiring.  29 May 2021 – 28 May 2025
Foundation Governor Father A Dutton  04 Oct 2018 – 03 Oct 2022 Salford Diocese
Foundation Governor Canon T H Doyle As parish priest it is my role to help in governing local Catholic High Schools to support and foster Catholic Education. Parish Priest, Chair of the School Buildings Group for the Diocese.  01 Sep 2008 – 03 Oct 2022
Foundation Governor. Link Governor for SEND, and second nominated Governor for child protection Mr B Seed A desire to contribute to the efficient running of the school. Retired local government officer. Keen interest in DIY and music.  01 Sep 2016 – 31 Aug 2020
Foundation Governor Mr S Baines  08 Sep 2017 – 07 Sep 2021
Foundation Governor Mr P Rabbitts  17 Feb 2016 – 16 Feb 2020
Local Authority Governor Mr P Clark  8 Jan 2018 – 07 Jan 2022
Staff Governor Mrs H Hall (Headteacher)  4 Jan 2021
Staff Governor Mrs R Gray To offer a teaching perspective to the governing body to help support the governors to support school improvement. Curriculum leader of Geography.  31 Mar 2014 – 30 Mar 2022
Parent Governor Mrs A Taylor  28 Nov 2017 – 27 Nov 2021
 Vice Chair Governor Mrs L Hindley To help the school achieve its aim of supporting the learning and development of young people. Primary teacher with interest in curriculum development and breadth.  03 July 2017 – 02 July 2021
Clerk to Governors   Kirsty Grayson
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