Welcome to St Cecilia’s Chaplaincy team.

Here at school we are part of the world wide Catholic Community. We are one big family working together and supporting each other to the best we can spiritually be. Everything that is done at St Cecilia’s is based on the teachings of Christ that are found in the Gospels. As the Lord says ‘It is not Gods will that anybody is lost’, (Matthew 18:14 )

Our daily prayers in form time, class time and assemblies help us to build friendships with God and each other. Prayers and assemblies are prepared and led by SLT, form teachers, Chaplaincy and students. Mass is celebrated every week with a different year with forms from those years taking the lead in the mass. The mass is led each week by one of our local parish Priests.

There are masses throughout the year for special occasions and our own intentions. The highlight of the year being the whole school mass where we gather in the sports hall to thank God for all our talents.

We can deepen our faith with special retreat days that are held in school with guest speakers who help us to develop a better understanding of God’s word and to allow God into our hearts and lives. There are also other retreat days for example Castlerigg for year 8 students.

The word of God is a textbook from which we should live our lives and we do this through our regular charity work in school. These works include Caritas and St Josephs penny, CAFOD and other designated charities of the students choice. This allows us as a school to encourage friendship and to make a difference in both school and the world we live in.

We embrace the Pope’s message of ‘Laudato Si’ to become caretakers for our ‘common earth’, encouraging all students to take responsibility for their environment and other creatures that share our earth.

The Chaplaincy Crew meet on a regular basis to discuss their action plans and what it is they want to achieve. The Chaplaincy Crew take responsibility for the running of the Fairtrade stall, the setting up of mass and any other fund raising initiatives for example ‘Macmillan’ Coffee days.

The Chaplaincy crew also take responsibility for working in the local environment this includes: gardening, the well being garden and local projects involving other local schools.

The Chapel is open everyday for students to meet, talk and pray. It is a place of sanctuary for quiet prayer and contemplation so that students are able to talk to God and reflect on the world we live in.

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