All pupils being entered for GCSE exams must be aware of the regulations below.

Information for Candidates

Exam Booklet

  • Exam booklet for 2022 is currently being reviewed.

Exam Policies

 Exam policies for 2021-2022 are currently being reviewed and will appear here shortly.

For any queries regarding examinations, please email the Exams Officer at

Letter to parents of Year 11 pupils concerning GCSE Teacher Assessed Grades Summer 2021 Download

Year 11 Curriculum Road Map 8.3.21 to 25.5.21 Download

Evidence Grid Download

JCQ-Guidance-for-Students-and-Parents-on-Summer-2021 Download

Ofqual booklet – Student guide to awarding Summer 2021 Download

JCQ – A guide to appeals processes Summer 2021 Download
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