The Chaplaincy has a unique place among the students and staff here at St Cecilia’s, playing a vital role in the journey we all undertake.  It is about students and staff learning from each other – underpinned by the teachings of Christ at the heart of all we do. Chaplaincy works to inspire and enrich our ‘sense of belonging’ and to help all develop in the image of God.

Chaplaincy crew

Our Chaplaincy Crew are a pupil led group that aims to develop a better understanding with God and themselves, thinking about the school and the wider community, and their influence on people and nature on God’s earth.  

Many of our school initiatives stem from the inspiration of the Chaplaincy Crew who encourage and promote world thinking and making a positive difference in our school, not just in our community but in the world. 

The Chaplaincy crew are responsible for the setting up of mass and promote their own training.  

Some of our initiatives that follow on form this message include: 

  • Macmillan Coffee Afternoon – pupils marketed, advertised, baked and ran the entire event and raised £521 in only two hours 
  • Christmas Appeals – pupils will be raising awareness for our three charitable causes: Rock FM Toy Appeal, Animal Welfare and The Salvation Army Food Bank in Preston  
  • Poppy Appeals – pupils will forfeit breaktimes in order to volunteer their time and efforts to raise funds for the Poppy Appeal  
  • Easter Bingo, Raffle and Refreshments – pupils will bring families in the community together to celebrate Christmas 

Laudato Si Club

Laudato Si literally means: “Praise be to you”. It is the second encyclical by Pope Francis and is considered part of the Catholic Social Teaching tradition. It reminds us of our God-given responsibility to care for our world and all life on it. See below Laudato Si summarised in a short video clip:

Laudato Si’ animation | CAFOD – YouTube

At St Cecilia’s we have responded to Pope Francis’ call by gardening, maintaining the Laudato Si garden, and local projects involving other local schools. 

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