“I really enjoyed Religious Education at Saint Cecilia’s as the lessons were interesting and well-taught. For much of Year 11 the RE department provided lots of opportunities for after school revision. I was allowed to stay as long as I needed to revise, and could use this time to ask questions or get extra help on topics. This in addition to Mr Duffy explaining the A-Level syllabus and lending me some A-level textbooks, influenced my decision to choose Religious Studies at Cardinal Newman College. The RE staff were very encouraging, both in teaching me RE at GCSE and to take Religious Studies at college and I’m grateful for their help. I now thoroughly enjoy RS and am glad they helped me to make the right decision”.

Former Year 11 Student 2014/15


Cardinal Newman College offers a fantastic Religious Studies course at A-Level. The course comprises of three elements:

  • A systematic study of one religion, focusing on its beliefs, values and practices, as well as the relationship between religion, and society.
  • A Philosophical element, exploring some of the big questions such as the existence of God e.g. causation, design.
  • The final part is studying ethical issues. Pupils will explore a number of ethical theories, such as Kantian Ethics, Utilitarianism, and many more.

At Saint Cecilia’s we try to prepare students for A-level by adding elements into our curriculum, and in some instances higher ability groups are challenged to A-level standard.

For more information, you can download the Cardinal Newman College Prospectus by clicking the image:


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Cardinal Newman College Prospectus

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