Note for parents and guardians:

This policy covers our rules and guidelines on children’s appearance and uniform. If you have a query or would like to make a comment about any of the matters covered in it, please do phone us on 01772 783074 or write to us.


What matters most in life is the kind of people we are, not what we look like! Being kind, friendly and considerate is more important than any external impression we make through our clothes and appearance.

Nevertheless, any employment or recruitment officer will give young people the same message they get from their parents and their school: How you dress and present yourself really matters! That is why good schools prepare pupils for the world of work by insisting on high standards of appearance. Looking clean, neat and well groomed influences how others treat us and gives us a head-start in life. We are pleased that our pupils are regularly complimented on their appearance.

Our rules on uniform and appearance have evolved over time and are strongly influenced by the feedback we get from parents who set high standards at home and like to see these being reinforced at school. They want their children to go to school dressed in an appropriate way and they support our emphasis on respect for the dignity of young people. In turn, we value the strong backing we get from parents over uniform matters.

Our uniform is compulsory and must be worn correctly by all pupils at all times in school. Every child admitted to the school has been given a place on the clear understanding that their parents or guardians accept and comply with our policies. Some pupils try to test the edges of what they can get away with, but schools where compliance with uniform regulations is strong are able to discourage this. Ensuring your child cooperates with school rules is where parents play a key role in upholding school discipline.  If parents are in any doubt about any uniform issue and what is permissible, please check with the school.

Adjustments to uniform are made from time to time. We communicate these to parents well in advance. We are conscious of the financial pressures on families and our uniform requirements are intended to be sensitive to these.

School Uniform


The school tie must be worn at all times and in the correct manner (i.e. full length with a manageable knot fastened up to the neck. At least seven diagonal stripes should be visible on a correctly worn school tie).


Girls and boys must wear white shirts and the school tie. Shirts must have top buttons fastened and be tucked inside skirts and trousers.

Trousers and skirts: Boys

Black school trousers (polyester/viscose). Cotton trousers/chinos are not allowed. Girls: Black fully box pleated Trutex skirts. Skirts must be worn on or below the knee. Please will parents ensure when purchasing skirts that they are of a suitable length.


Year 11 boys wear the black school sweater with the school badge. They must wear a white shirt and a school tie under this at all times.



Plain (without visible labels), black, leather ankle-high shoes and black laces (no boots, trainers or canvas shoes)


Plain (without visible labels), low-heeled (no more than 2 inches in height) black leather ankle-high shoes and black laces (no boots, trainers or canvas shoes). Slipper or canvas style shoes provide no support. They are unsuitable and dangerous for school use.

Trainers can be unsuitable for children with foot injuries. We forbid pupils from wearing them for medical reasons unless a doctor’s note is produced. A signed letter from parents must be produced on rare occasions when trainers are needed. Pastoral staff may contact parents if they have concerns over footwear.

Socks and tights


Socks should be white and knee length and not worn above the knee.

Tights should be black, plain (no designs at all) and 60 denier.


Socks should be plain, dark, preferably black, and of a single colour.


Pupils in Years 7-9 wear the standard black blazer with school badge.

Persistent failure to comply with our uniform and appearance rules will lead to lunchtime or after school detentions, and if necessary, children being sent home until they comply with our expectations.

Name identification on school wear:

Children can be in a rush or be careless and clothes can get mixed up. Please make sure that your child’s clothes are properly marked or labelled with their names.

PE kit

(please label/initial all items)


Official school PE kit


Official school PE kit

Tech aprons

For all pupils available from the Technology Department

Face and hair:


  1. (Including those of parents, guardians and visitors) must remain wholly uncovered at all times on school premises.
  2. Hair must be groomed, tidy and one natural colour. We consider dyed, highlighted, streaked hair and hair extensions to be inappropriate for school children. Gels are not permitted. Pupils may not come to school with sections of their eyebrows shaven.
  3. Hairstyles such as wedges, basins, shaved sections, anything shorter than a Number 2 cut are unacceptable.
  4. The use of braids is unacceptable for safety reasons. Hair accessories should be simple and not present a safety risk.

Make-up, deodorants and jewellery:

  1. Make-up and nail-varnish are banned.  Nails must be kept short. False nails (e.g. acrylic or gel) are banned for safety reasons.
  2. Jewellery of all kinds, including non-metallic wristbands, is banned with one exception: Girls may wear one pair of plain studs or sleepers (not hoops) in the ear lobes only. No other jewellery of any kind whatsoever is allowed.


Although no specific uniform is laid down for outdoor use, leather, denim jackets, football scarves, non-uniform sweaters, cardigans and tracksuit tops are not considered suitable outdoor wear.

Scarves and hats

In cold weather, pupils may wear scarves, gloves and woollen hats on the yard and between school and home in any colours, although football team scarves are not allowed, Hoods worn up are not allowed. No one may enter our premises with their face wholly or partially covered.

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