Year 9 Retreat at Stonyhurst College

Year 9 recently visited Stonyhurst College as part of their yearly retreat. To start the day some students walked around 6 miles to Stonyhurst College to stand up for faith and freedom. Later in the day students watched presentations from ‘Aid to the Church in need’. We were also grateful to listen to a Christian music band who have also performed for Pope Francis. Finally we celebrated Mass with Bishop John Arnold.

Aid to the Church in need report by Harry Henshaw

Visit to Tabor Retreat House

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On 22nd June 2016, Mrs Warrilow and the chaplaincy group went to Tabor Retreat house in Preston. When we got there we met Donna and Fr Liam and we had some biscuits & drinks. With Donna we played some games and learnt about Elijah. After that we watched a video about world’s trade and we got into groups and pretended to be different countries who want more money. We then had lunch and had a look at the eco garden. After lunch Fr Liam taught us a dance which included a train dance. After that we had a meditation to rest our minds and what we’re worried about. At the end we listened to a song by an American band called The Brillance. The song was called “Prayers of the People”. In the song we heard the band members say prayers to God and we heard in the chorus “lord have mercy, Christ have mercy”. After that we thanked Donna and Fr Liam for all the fun we’ve had.

Year 7 Easter Retreat

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Year 7 pupils took part in a Holy Week Retreat with Aid to the Church in Need NW Manager Dr Caroline Hull and Catherine Hanley, the Administrative Officer of the charity. The visitors spoke about the work of the charity, the help it provides to refugees from Syria and about the plight of many Christians who are persecuted for their faith.

Dr Hull told the pupils: “The ACN Wall of Hope was inspired by the Street of Hope in the Christian Quarter of the Syrian city of Homs. The Street of Hope was created in May 2015 when a group of young scouts came together to fill the remaining walls of a bombed out street with bright, colourful imagery. Syrians of all ages helped with the painting. This project symbolised hope for the future and the love these people have for their city.”

Afterwards our year 7 pupils were encouraged to create their own Wall of Hope, writing messages to the persecuted Christians in Homs.

Dr Hull and Ms Hanley praised our pupils for their enthusiasm, their continued support for the charity and how much they enjoyed visiting St Cecilia’s again. They also thanked Ms Hall and Mrs Gornall for their help.

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