St Cecilia We Celebrate You

Lyrics and music composed by Debbie Jones


Verse 1


We all have offerings and talents to give

Let’s all discover them, develop them and live

Inviting friends to share in our journey

We’ll join together, telling our story

Stories of learning and teaching each other

We are one family like sisters and brothers

Hearing and sharing experience of life

We thank Our Lord, as we lift our voices




In all we do, we sing for you

We’re here to praise, our blessings gifts and faith

Respect each other, forgive forget

St Cecilia we celebrate you


Verse 2


When things go wrong we can always start again

There is no shame in saying sorry in the end

Consideration, everyone is treated fairly

We thank Our Lord as we lift our voices




Instrumental over verse


Chorus x2 and repeat last line


Welcome to Women’s World Day of Prayer Receive children. Receive me.

This was the title of the service written by the Christian women of Cuba. During the service, on Friday 4th March, we were given a glimpse of Cuba’s history, geography, culture and everyday life through three generations. The older generation presented the Word of God. The young adult carried the food that sustains. The youngest revealed the areas of the islands.

Pupils from the Chaplaincy Group took part in the service which was held at St Wilfrid’s RC Church in Longridge. Curtis McKenley was asked to open the service with a prayer whilst the other members of the group read the bidding prayers.

We listened to the social contradictions in the lives of Cuban people and the economic embargo. The International Committee writes ‘The Christian women from Cuba gave us an invitation to learn from each generation through their own gift, to put children at the centre of God’s Kingdom, and to hear Jesus’ call to be that child.’

In today’s society we are presented with many challenges. How can we be like a child? How do we treat children? Churches Together in Longridge organiser Mrs Carol Spencer thanked the pupils after the service, praising their skills and invited them to help organise next years’ service.

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