And the main STAR prize this half term goes to…

Holly Knowles (left), Mr Catlow (centre), and Kiara Bray (right).

Holly Knowles (left), Mr Catlow (centre), and Kiara Bray (right).

Congratulations to Holly Knowles (won an iPad mini), and Kiara Bray (won a £50 Amazon voucher). There were several pupils entered into this draw for having the highest number of stars in their forms. At Saint Cecilia’s we want to ensure that all pupils utilise their God-given talents to the full. We also believe that hard work and dedication deserves praise and reward.

And the STAR prize next half term will be…

announced shortly . Remember to download the Saint Cecilia’s app, which will announce the prizes for each example screenshot

For more information on how the rewards system works please see below:

The purpose of the STAR reward system

  • To celebrate the achievements of individual’s who have been rewarded for excellence by collecting and receiving stars.
  • Acknowledge those who have shown commitment, organisation and progress within this first term.
  • Demonstrate that hard work can achieve success and be rewarded.
  • You have been a part of the schools extra curricular activities e.g. sports, music, CAFOD etc.

How the STAR system works

Pupils will be advanced 10 stars every half term. These STARS are given to the pupils on the assumption they will:

  • Arrive on time to form and all classes.
  • Use the planner correctly.
  • Bring the correct books and equipment.
  • Wearing uniform correctly.for web
  • Completing homework.

Gaining STARS

Pupils have the opportunity to gain STARS by:

  • Achieving individual targets.
  • Producing outstanding pieces of work.
  • Excellent effort in class.
  • Helping others within our community.
  • Representing Saint Cecilia’s.
  • Participating in an additional school activity.

STAR Badges

When pupils achieve a certain number of STARS they can trade them in for STAR badges they wear on their uniform.

stars saint cecilias

  • 20 STARS will get you a bronze badge.
  • A pupil can gain 3 bronze badges. Once this is achieved  they can trade them in for a silver badge (60 STARS).
  • A pupil can gain 3 silver badges. Once this is achieved they can trade them in for a gold badge (180 STARS).

Prize Draw 

  • At the end of each half term pupils will attend a STAR assembly where they trade their STARS in for the badges.
  • Their will be a prize raffle draw during the assembly and pupils will receive raffle tickets.
  • The number of raffle tickets depends on how many STARS they have gained that half term.
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