Catch Up Funding 2017-18

Additional funding has been made available by the DfE to support those students who do not reach a level 4 in Reading or mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2.

This funding has been used to establish two Subject Specialist Teaching Assistant (SSTA) roles, one in each of mathematics and English. Each SSTA is a member of the subject department and works with teaching staff to support students with low prior attainment and to develop or adapt materials and resources to help these students to access the curriculum. The SSTAs also work after the end of the school day so that they have greater opportunities to liaise with the subject teachers. This means that each SSTA becomes an ‘expert’ in supporting low prior attaining students in their respective subject areas.

In the financial year 2015-16 St Cecilia’s received £4500 amount of catch up funding.

The funding has been spent on the following:

The My maths computer programme which is available for all years groups to use.


Maths focus groups- pupils working with a specialist maths HLTA during registration time for a total of 30 minutes each week


The IDL literacy programme which is also used by all year groups but in particular targeted at Year 7 and EAL pupils.


English dept resources for use with weaker pupils both in the ASL (Additional Support for Learning) base and with class 7B2.


Additional maths and numeracy resources for pupils in 7B2 maths


One to one tuition for English with a small number of pupils.


Part funding of a teaching Assistant’s salary to work with pupils in 7B2.

The impact is measured by the year on year improvements in maths results since 2013 and the consistently strong data from the English dept. Both English and maths GCSE results were above national average in 2016 with English Language being Number 2 in Lancashire for value added in 2015-16

( Lancashire Value Added project).

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