Our Lady Queen of Peace Mission

Father Steven’s Visit May 2016

Father Steven arrived in time for his dinner date at Franco’s Italian Restaurant with St Cecilia’s Chaplaincy Group in style. A year ago Henry Gornall, the brains behind the Fairtade Stall and Young Entrepreneur, had promised Father Steven a tractor ride to the restaurant. Father Steven was delighted and laughed, “Hahahahah so it will be a tractor ride!! That’s great!” Everyone had a great time and a big thank you goes to Franco’s Restaurant for their hospitality and welcome.

Mrs Gray and her year 7 Geography classes collected books, DVD’s, pencils, crayons and much more for Father Steven to take back to the Mission. Both priests were delighted when they were also presented with letters which the pupils had written to the children at Our Lady Queen of Peace Mission. The Year 7 pupils had recently studied Kenya in their Geography lessons and are hoping to strengthen our links with the Mission school.

Father Steven and Father Denis also spoke to the Chaplaincy Group members and Year 9 pupils about the vital work they undertake every day to support the tribes and people in Turkana, Kenya.

On Friday 27th May Father Steven and Father Denis celebrated the Year 11 Celebration Mass with pupils, family, friends, and staff. In his homily he addressed the many talents the young people at St Cecilia’s have, their generosity and care for others less fortunate. At the end he invited three of our Year 11’s, Henry Gornall, Kerryann Oldham and Harry Henshaw, to visit the Mission once they are 18 years old. It was a joyous occasion which was rounded up by     Mrs Thornton’s refreshments afterwards.

Both priests spoke highly about our pupils, the musicians, readers and dedicated staff. Father Steven said: “Father Denis and I felt welcomed and being part of a caring community.”

As he continued he thanked St Cecilia’s RC High School for the £200 Henry Gornall and his team raised by running the weekly Fairtrade Stall as well as the Fairtrade Fortnight Café in St Wilfrid’s RC Parish Room. The money will go towards the education of one child in the Mission, which has currently 156 children on roll with numbers rising steadily. We would like to thank you for all your support which is as ever greatly appreciated.

Father Steven’s visit 2015

My experience with Father Steven Ochieng ‘Our Lady of Peace Mission’ Todonyang in Kenya

A report by Kerryann Oldham

My experience was absolutely delightful! When Father Steven first arrived on Tuesday 19th May, he came in to school with a smile that lit up the whole school with God’s presence.
We greeted him with respect and in a polite way. Then he and his seminarian Anthony said hello too after which we all went to the mass ceremony in the Music Room. Lots of our students attended mass to catch a glimpse of Father Steven. The music department’s choir and Mrs Hall opened the mass with an African song which brought a bit of the African spirit to the wonderful occasion.During the mass Father Steven spoke about the Mission Station and his work out there. He wanted us to pray the Our Father and at the same time hold hands which was fun and enjoyable. This brought a little bit of love into the room which was good for our coming together as a School.
At the end of the mass Father Steven showed us a clip of what his and his peoples’ life is like in Kenya. We learnt a lot about their culture, the tribes that live there, the hardships they endure and the wonderful lively mass they celebrate. The power point was both happy and sad so people did enjoy that but some also shed a tear.
After that Father Steven and Anthony visited Mrs Seddon’s class who helped fundraise for the boat and collected DVD’s the previous year. This gave Father Steven the chance to talk to them about his next music related fundraising task. Everywhere Father Steven went, he spread some joy which made us all feel very happy.
Later on in the morning during break time and Father Steven came into the Chaplaincy Room where all the Chaplainy Team members were working. We all introduced ourselves in a nice and proper way which was good. Some of our team bonded with father Steven straight away and asked him if we could go out to visit him in Kenya after his time in the Philippines. He said that we are always welcome which got us very excited.

At 6:15pm the same day, Father Steven, Anthony, Father Grimshaw and Father David Chinnery, Mr Catlow, and staff as well as the Chaplaincy team came together once again for a scrumptious meal at Franco’s Italian Restaurant. The meal was amazing as was being with Father Steven. All the people that came to the meal were having fun talking to Father Steven about culture, how they live and what work they have to do and what is needed to stay a good community. As the meal was coming to an end our fellow Chaplaincy member Harry Henshaw had brought a novelty singing fish plaque ‘Billy Bass’ to show Father Steven, other Chaplaincy members had brought CDs and favourable items, because as a team we have raised £800 pounds and two footballs, which we had given Father Steven at the end of the meal with which he was over joyed by.

Next time Father Steven will come, one of our head Chaplaincy team members Henry Gornall promised Father Steven to pick him up on his tractor.We are looking forward to welcoming him and Anthony again next year

Father Steven Ochieng commented: “We have enjoyed our visit to St Cecilia’s and liked Kerryann’s article a lot. We are so pleased on how she did capture the moment. We are praying for her and her team that they will continue the good work. I can’t wait to come next year and enjoy the tractor trip!!!

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