• GCSE RE Revision – A guide for parents and pupils
    • There are 8 different topics which pupils need to revise:Paper 1 Catholic Christianity
      – Beliefs and Teachings
      – Practices
      – Sources of Wisdom and Authority
      – Forms of Expression and Ways of Life
      Paper 2 Judaism
      – Beliefs and Teachings
      – Practices
      Paper 3 Philosophy and Ethics – Catholic Christianity
      – Arguments for the Existence of God
      – Religious Teachings on Relationships and Families in the 21st Century
      These topics are spread over three exams.  Pupils are given revision booklets for each topic.
    • Pupils need to have their revision notes organised into a file which they can add to as more revision resources are given and as they create their own notes.
    • Revision needs to be done little and often and begin well ahead of the exam.
    • Pupils should revise away from distractions. If this is difficult take advantage of the independent revision sessions put on in school.
    • Any pupils wishing for extra help or support with specific aspects of revision are very welcome to arrange times with Miss Hall or Mr Duffy. Arrangements can be made to see us before or after school, during breaks and at lunch.
    • There is an official Edexcel revision guide to purchase ISBN 978-0-19-842279-2
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Area Of Study 1 Catholic Christianity     Area Of Study 2 Judaism       Area Of Study 3 Philosophy and Ethics


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