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Welcome to Religious Studies

The vision for the RE department stems from the whole school vision which is that pupils at St Cecilia’s Discover, Develop and Rejoice in all their God given talents. Our aim is to teach enjoyable lessons which are both creative and challenging.  We strive for each pupil to achieve success according to their potential and to recognise that every individual is called to fullness of life.  We recognise the importance of developing the whole person through the pattern of daily prayer and reflection, the celebration of the sacraments and works of charity as we put our faith into action.

Saint Cecilia's Cross

Religious Education plays a central part in the life of our school. We provide opportunities for all pupils to engage with the deepest questions about life. We encourage investigation and reflection by the pupils and we aim to develop appropriate skills and attitudes which promote informed and full responses to God’s call in everyday life.

The RE department is comprised of two specialist full time members of staff. The Department has two classrooms and is well resourced.  We employ a variety of teaching and learning styles which include role play, creative skills, discussion, debate and ICT.  Collective Worship is a key part of lessons in which time is spent in periods of quietness and reflection as part of our spiritual development and faith journey. The display areas in the area are testimony to the excellence which is achieved when the pupils are given the opportunity to explore their ideas visually.

Key Stage 3 Religious Education

Church Project

Year 7 Church Project

Lessons are taught in line with the Roman Catholic Curriculum Directory.  This covers the areas of Revelation, Church, Celebration and Life in Christ. At Key Stage 3 pupils study different aspects of the Church’s liturgical year and develop a greater understanding of who Jesus was and his influence. Pupils will also learn about specific parts of the Old and New Testament and consider the different ways Christians interpret these texts. Each year pupils will study a different world religion: in Year 7 pupils study Hinduism, in Year 8 Judaism and Year 9 pupils study Islam. You can download the Key Stage 3 Overview below:

Year 9 Mosque Project

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview





GCSE Specification from September 2016 onwards

Edexcel A

Catholic Christianity Study of Religion – Judaism Philosophy and Ethics
Beliefs and Teachings Beliefs and Teachings Arguments for the existence of God
Practices Practices Religious Teachings on Relationships and Families in the 21st Century
Sources of Wisdom and Authority
Forms of Expression and Ways of Life
50% 25% 25%
1hr 45mins 50mins 50mins


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