• Mrs S Crook (Head of MFL and Specialist Leader of Education)


MFL rooms 15 and 18 are equipped with extensively utilised interactive whiteboards. The Languages Department at St Cecilia’s is keen to ensure that lessons are interesting, fun, lively and challenging. We use an active approach where in the majority of lessons pupils have the opportunity to listen, speak, read and write through a range of activities such as games, pair and group work, quizzes,  mini whiteboards, video and audio clips and MFL websites. We believe that it is essential that every child reaches his or her potential and we strive to develop pupils’ interest in the language and culture of other countries, developing independence and knowledge of vocabulary.


Languages taught in KS3

  • Pupils in years 7 study Spanish.
  • Pupils in years 8 and 9 (L1 and L2) study Spanish and French.
  • Pupils in years 8 and 9 (L3 and L4) study French.


Linguistic competence

  • Listen to a variety of forms of spoken language to obtain information and respond appropriately.
  • Translate short sentences and paragraphs that they hear and read with increasing accuracy.
  • Initiate and develop conversations, coping with unfamiliar language and unexpected responses, making use of important social conventions such as formal modes of address.
  • Express and develop ideas clearly and with increasing accuracy, both orally and in writing.
  • Speak coherently and confidently, with increasingly accurate pronunciation and intonation.
  • Read and show comprehension of original and adapted materials from a range of different sources, understanding the purpose, important ideas and details, and provide an accurate English translation of short, suitable material.
  • Read literary texts in the language [such as stories, songs, poems and letters], to stimulate ideas, develop creative expression and expand understanding of the language and culture.
  • write prose using an increasingly wide range of grammar and vocabulary, write creatively to express their own ideas and opinions, and translate short written text accurately into the foreign language.

Year 7 French

Year 7 French Curriculum overview

Year 7 Spanish

Year 7 Curriculum Overview

Year 8 and 9 French

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Year 8 and 9 Spanish

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Key Stage 4 Languages

At KS4, pupils can choose to study French or Spanish or both languages. The MFL department uses WJEC GCSE course.

Topic areas

Over the course of two years, pupils will study:

Self and Relationships Work experience and part time jobs
Technology and Social Media Skills and personal qualities
Local areas of interest Eating, food and drink
Transport Festivals and celebrations
School/College life Social issues
School/College studies Applying for work/study
Health and fitness Career plans
Entertainment and leisure
Local and regional features and characteristics
Holidays and tourism

Assessment at GCSE

Listening 25% Speaking 25% Reading 25% Writing 25%
Externally assessed at end of Year 11 Externally assessed at end of Year 11 Externally assessed at end of Year 11 Externally assessed at end of Year 11

Extra-curricular activities

Pupils have the opportunity to go to the European Christmas market in Manchester in December every year.

We also teach languages to some of our main Primary feeder schools in our local community.  At Saint Wilfrid’s RC Primary (Longridge) ks2 students are taught Spanish and at Alston Lane ks2 pupils are also studying Spanish.

In the summer of 2017 a group of Year 7 to 10 pupils spent 5 days in Warsy in Northern France which included a trip to Disneyland.  Due to the success of this trip another visit has been booked to the Chateau in 2018, where we will be visiting Parc Asterix.

We also benefit from annual visits from outside speakers and events such as a visit from our Spanish exchange students.

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