Programme of Learning

Key Stage 3

  • All pupils will study a various range of topics in Geography. They will complete individual, group and paired work.
  • There will be the opportunity to complete fieldwork and independent investigations.
  • Learning will include independent and discussion work, problem solving, project work (set over 2/3 weeks), revision, research and tasks to evaluate understanding.
  • Pupils will complete at least one (no more than two) assessments on the above topics.
  • Geographical skills include: learning about place, cartography (map) skills, variations of scale, literacy and numeracy, and speaking and listening.

Year 7

Autumn Term 1.        What is Geography?                       

2.        Weather and Climate

3.        Microclimate study of St Cecilia’s

4.        Map Skills

Spring Term 1.        Kenya and Africa

2.        River flooding

Summer Term 1.        Geography Competition

2.        Economic Activity – Farm visit*

3.        Key Skills – describing geographical photographs

Year 8

Autumn Term 1.        Rivers, Coasts and Glaciation

2.        World Issues

Spring Term 1.        Population

2.        India and Asia

Summer Term 1.        Geography Competition

2.        Settlement and study of Longridge

3.        Key Skills – Using maps and diagrams

Year 9

Autumn Term 1.        Environmental Regions

2.        The Restless Earth

Spring Term 1.        China – the emerging nation

2.        Resources and the Environment

Summer Term 1.        Geography Competition

2.        Russia

3.        Key Skills – Enquiry skills study of a small ecosystem


From September 2016 Year 10 students will study the new Geography syllabus.

You can download the new specification below:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 14.37.47


Students currently study the AQA ‘A’ syllabus. They have access to Kerboodle online textbook and resources and follow a program of study that has been amended form the AQA syllabus.

There are three units:

Unit 1: The Physical World

Unit 2: The Human World

Unit 3: Controlled Assessment

For the Physical World Unit we study:

  • The Restless Earth
  • Water on the Land

And then choose one topic from:

  • Weather and Climate
  • Living World
  • Ice on the Land

For the Human World Unit we study 3 topics:

  • Tourism
  • Population
  • Urban Development

The Controlled Assessment Unit is a detailed study on either tourism or water on the land and will involve a field trip where data is collected. Pupils then write a detailed report on what they find in timed, controlled conditions. The field trip usually takes place in the summer of Year 10.


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